Thursday, July 30, 2020

powerful job spell

The world is now faced with a lot of job losses due  to the pandemic,lots of families are facing financial strains due to  pay cuts and the pain in finding new jobs, but at okosotemple we can help you..

Contact us for powerful job spells that will make you get a new job in a high pay firm when you  go for interviews..

Do you still like your formal job and you want them to recall you?? us on our email 

We will grant you the spell to bring you a good job fortune

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Dr S. Okoso
For OkosoSpelltemple.

job spell

Did you loss your job and its been hard to get another,at okoso spell Temple we have helped thousands of working class men/women,get their job back after they lost it..dont be sad contact us at the Temple email address, we shall help you to get your job back,

Do  you need another high paying job?? The Temple will grant you a spell that will help you  secure a big job that will change your life forever and bring you a life fortune... Contact us on
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we value your financial success.. because we love you to excell.. message us and the Temple shall make your wishes come true.

Monday, July 20, 2020

I need my ex back

We have recorded many good testimonies over the last couple of months,and we thank you all, our esteem Client's for your support to the temple during these convid-19 pandemic.

Our spell Temple is open all day and can contact us using our email

Our WhatsApp address is also available. You can send us a message by saving our phone contact on your address book  +2348104720961 and send us a message on WhatsApp.

Our Indian Temple is unavailable due to the pandemic,we apologise..All our spells are now done at our African Temple.

Email us @
WhatsApp +2348104720961.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Spells to get your partner back

Connect with us in okosotemple @ or on our international WhatsApp number +2348104720961

We are open for spells Monday to weekends Contact us today for spells to bring back your partner or ex back spells and marriage spells.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Debt Recovery and profit Spells

The Temple now offers Debt Recovery spells for our esteem clients.. Email us on

The Debt Recovery spell compell your Debtors to repay you all money they owe you and the spell also help to boast your cash sale on your businesses, thereby protecting you from falling into loss.

Send us an email on ~
Call/WhatsApp Us in +2348104720961
Or our WhatsApp link'm%20interested%20in%20your%20services

Thursday, June 4, 2020

To our esteemed clients

We are glad the temple has been helping hundreds of women around the world to make their homes happy, help them make their ex return back to them,stop divorce cases and helping them cast romance spells...The month of MAY we casted 89 love spells and all were successful..

We have received lots of testimonies and gifts and we thank everyone of you for believing in us.

We sincerely wish you all a happy relationship forever..our  Spell  Temple is always available
Message us on e-mail-
Or on our international temple number call/WhatsApp number +2348104720961

Thank you
Dr okoso ighedosa

Thursday, May 28, 2020

I need my ex back

Having a feeling of been heartbroken,and been with a man that is mean to you? Do not be in tears anymore...

Contact us at okosotemple and we shall help you with all the spell you want to have a peaceful home... Our email or on our international WhatsApp/call number +2348104720961

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

everlasting love spell

Preparatory process of a love stop a divorce case

casting a love spell

The first process in casting a love spell is the burning of the love candles

The preparation of the love portion are done by burning the spell items and placing them in a burnt photos of both spouse that are in the relationship. Then the items are now placed in an Indian love doll and the love incantation is pronounced on both partner's... After 24 hours the both partner's will regain true love and everlasting romance..

We thank all our esteem clients for believing in us and on our services and also telling  their work mates and friends who needed our help too about our genuine spells and ancestral healing...may the ancestors be with you all

Saturday, February 15, 2020

love spell

The ancient practice of spell casting was one of the symbols of African civilization. Throughout ages, dark magic and evil has prevailed in the heart and lives of men prompting wizards to devise a method to banish these evils and restore the good  deeds of the universe and nature.

Spell casting was used to bring good luck, business success,wealth,restore affection and love,speak to the dead,win lottery,get a new high paying job,get a spouse,,stop a divorce,become a boss in an office and get good pay rise and promotions..
Hundreds of homes and marriage have been saved, our spell services has made hundreds across the globe millionaires and successful business owners..restored love and attracted partners to many who remain unmarried..

We are passionate and trusted and our services are prompt and reliable.Do you need help to any problem you have ?? Please contact us on our email or our African/Indian Temple hotline +2348104720961

Monday, February 10, 2020

love spell

Many a time,we seem to find ourselves in a mean relationship with our partner not caring about our feeling or our emotional peace.we cry all night and hope someday we find love in return from that whom we love so much but little did we realise that we can find such someday in a love spell.a love spell will magically bring an unending love and affection and bring you Joy you've always wanted in a relationship.

At Okoso Temple thousands across the world have found help and their marriage saved from the beast called "heartbreaks" and we are glad they did.. contact us on our  international WhatsApp number  +2348104720961 or on our email

powerful job spell

The world is now faced with a lot of job losses due  to the pandemic,lots of families are facing financial strains due to  pay c...